You Don’t Want to Miss the Alnwick Mighty Dub Fest

When you are planning a visit to Alnwick it means more than just looking at where you are going to stay. You want to plan your visit here to attend some of the many great events that take place. One such event is the Mighty Dub Fest.

For those that love the Volkswagon cars this is an event that you truly will not want to miss. You will see a grand selection of VW beatles as well as some camper vans that certainly qualify as vintage.

While the VWs take the spotlight at the Mighty Dub fest that is not all that is going on here. It is a weekend that is jammed fun of fun, excitement and entertainment. It all begins with being held in the wonderful setting of Alnwick Castle. This environment really sets the tone for a great weekend.

What you can expect to enjoy here is plenty of music that is offered by no less than eleven bands. Then for additional live entertainment you might be able to enjoy some performances by well known entertainers such as Tom Dibb and/or Roosters Cat. The live venue will all depend on which year you attend the Mighty Dub Fest.

To get in some action yourself you might want to join in on some of the break dance lessons that may be going on. There will be plenty of food and drink that includes the offerings from three licensed bars that will make sure you have a grand choice of some alcohol based beverages. The great selection of foods will be offered by the trade stands that will be set up here at the fest. Besides food there will be some great shopping for other items available to you.

For the Saturday entertainment you can count on settling in for a viewing of Grease which is a classic movie that nobody minds watching many times over. So you may want to really get into the mood by dressing the part.

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