What Goes On at Alnwick Castle?

A visit to Alnwick will almost surely mean paying a visit to Alnwick Castle. Although the castle itself holds some wonderful intrigue and it is exciting to visit a medieval castle, there is a lot more that goes on here.

There are many different events such as concerts and plays that are continuously being held here. Quite often the tickets for these are sold out well in advance. So if there is a particular show you want to see then be sure to order your tickets early.

In addition to this there are some great opportunities to take advantage of that are ongoing at the Castle.

The King’s Quest

How about going back in time to the 14th Century! When joining the King’s Quest you get to dress up in costume and join in on the fun with the Castle’s towns people who are ready, willing and able to entertain you. You will get to join in on games of old and perhaps take a place on the throne.

Dragon’s Quest

What good would a medieval castle be without being under the threat of a dragon? Alnwick Castle has its own dragon’s lair which you if you are brave enough will get the chance to enter and do battle with the dragons. Not only the kids but the adults too get a big kick out of this new event that has been added to the roster at Alnwick Castle.

Broomstick Training

For all those Harry Potter fans who would just love to walk on the same ground as Harry did, and perhaps learn some broomstick training, the opportunity awaits here. Yes, you really can learn to fly with the broomstick being your mode of transportation.

There is no doubt that Alnwick Castle is a must to visit, and not just once but many times over.

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