What Does the Alnwick Food Festival Have to Offer?

Even though the town of Alnwick doesn’t have a huge population it does have an amazing array of food to offer. To showcase this each year the town holds a food festival.

It is classed as autumn event and this two day event has been open to visitors since 2005. It serves some great purposes. For those in the area who are in the food industry it gives them an opportunity to show off their food fare that they have grown locally. For the visitors it is a great chance to see what is being offered and the quality of it. It is a great time of year that the Alnwick Food Festival has chosen because it is right around harvest time. Food is abundance and is at its peak of freshness.

The festival is held in the town’s market place which makes it really central for everyone to get to. No matter whether you are coming by car,train or bus you will have easy access to the festival location.

For visitors to Alnwick who are going to make visiting this two day event a priority they may want to choose accommodations close to where the action is going to be.This won’t be difficult as there are many fine lodgings to choose from close to the vicinity of where the festival will be taking place.

It isn’t just all about food either that takes place at the festival.

There will be many other activities taking place that will surely please the entire family. It includes a fun fair where there will some exciting happenings like face painting and seeing the beautiful alpacas.

Then for some extra fun there are plenty of exciting things to see that close by the festival. It is not difficult to entirely fill up the two days of the festival with wonderful things to see and do.

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