Other Grand Events At Alnwick

While there are many planned events that are continuously taking place in Alnwick there are several other outings and activities that one can enjoy when the mood to do so presents itself.


For those who love to fish there is plenty of opportunity to do so in Alnwick and the surrounding areas. There is plenty of salmon and sea trout waiting to be caught by the avid angler. A small journey to the South will allow for some river fishing as will a short trip to the North.

Walking and Exploring

Most anyone that visits Alnwick are immediately impressed by its beauty. This creates a desire to get out and see more of it. The town of Alnwick caters to this need by providing many walking adventures. These walks can be comprised of short or long journeys, but no matter which you choose it will certainly be a wonderful adventure and one that you will want to talk about when returning home.


Any golfer that visits Alnwick will not be disappointed with the number of prestigious and impressive golf course that are available here. They are to be enjoyed along with the balmy weather that is so cooperative in this region.

It is always nice to have a set plan of things to see and do when on vacation. However, with Alnwick being such a busy place that always has something on the go to entertain everyone its nice to just do spur of the moment activities.

Be adventuresome while staying in Alnwick and explore the many events that are offered here. Be sure to take some time out as well to just enjoy the beauty and atmosphere that this town has to offer. It is a town that caters to everyone no matter what their age. It is also a location that often draws people back time and time again.

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