Enjoying the Alnwick International Music Festival

When visiting Alnwick you will definitely want to add some type of music event to visit while there. If you want to see the best music and selections that Alnwick is so proud of then it means attending the Alnwick International Music Festival.

This is a jam packed eight day event with the entire focus being on music. You will not only get to hear what Alnwick and Northumberland has to offer, but you will be entertained by talent from around the world. You will enjoy the music of England, Ireland and Scotland. Then added to this venue will be musical entertainment from Africa, USA and Australia. There will be no shortage of different types of music and there will definitely be something to the liking of everyone that attends.

Aside from the various cultural music there will be a grand selection of genres such as….

  • World Fusion
  • Celtic
  • Balkan
  • Americana
  • Blues
  • Jazz
  • Folk
  • And even live poetry

Most of the activity taking place with the music takes place at the Alnwick Market Place outdoor stage, Performances run on a daily basis. However there will be other ongoing performances that will take place at the Alnwick Castle and Garden.

There will be lots of other ongoing activities to keep you busy in between performances. There will be some workshops taking place like for this year there is a whole lineup of these. Some of them are Ukulele workshops, Tribal dance, Maypole dance,and a most intriguing workshop for instruments from junk.

With this festival being a full eight days you may want to plan on just visiting for a few of the days taking in your favorites. Then again you may be so impressed that you will want to take in each of the eight days. Keep in mind that the festival roster changes each year. So be sure to check out what is taking place at your actual time of visiting.

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