For those who wish to visit the UK and want a location that is beautiful, quaint but full of adventure then the best choice would be Alnwick. This is an impressive town that is found in Northumberland county. What makes it so special is the numerous ongoing events that can be enjoyed here by any gender or age group.

This site is dedicated to highlighting just a few of the many different types of entertainment and activities that can be found in Alnwick. Some of the posts talk about famous venues. For example, some of the events that take place at Alnwick Castle are extremely well known and appreciated. The events that we have talked about here that take place at the Castle are but a few.

Then a site that talks about the events in Alnwick could not go without talking about the Alnwick Garden. This is a location in Alnwick that is busy providing fun and enjoyment all year around.

When it comes to festivals there are a few that are talked about here. The intention of the content pertaining to these was to just highlight a few of the festivals that would appeal to those with different interests. For example there is some information about some of the music festivals but then there is also a bit on some of the other types of events that have a festival tone to them.

Hopefully you will enjoy what you read here and will want to visit Alnwick and take part in the various events that are ongoing.