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Legal high cautions as Ponthenri teenager in hospital

Cautions over legal highs are being summarized to kids

The 17-year old lad was cleared March 10 , after treatment on Tuesday.

In once, the parents of a 15-year old lad from Llanelli and an 18-year old from Burry Port were contacted by authorities and requested to collect their kids.

The event has led authorities to give school students on the risks of legal highs lessons at schools across Carmarthenshire.

Police officers will begin by seeing with Glan y Mor school in a effort to discourage students from experimenting using the materials.

Cautions include reference to the dearth of security and testing hazard of the materials.. (more...)

Make winter glow with fun when you go skiing

Skiing is one of the most popular sports that people like to take on especially when it is winter time. However, it is critical to start preparing for skiing before the winter season comes back. This is why fans of skiing are always thinking about where they are going to be staying whether it is a 5 star chalet or a hip hotel.

White-Peak Holidays France is a popular option for people who love to ski because France has some of the hottest places to enjoy skiing in Europe. Here are a few tips to get the most out of your ski accommodation:

-Rooms or suites: If you are going skiing with your partner, you can always looking at suites to indulge a bit of romanticism into your trip. Rooms can include a wide variety of features such as chairs, wooden floors and rugs are some of the things you can expect when you have a room on your ski holiday. Suites are also popular with couples because they offer a lot of versatility that is not found in other room options. Some suites at ski resorts even allow you to have your own private entrance. French ski accommodation has a lot to offer people who are in couples. (more...)

Staying Active Through Fun Sports

As seasons change, individuals and families look to find entertaining outdoor activities. These activities can keep every family member stay active and engaged and can also give the family more time together as well as something to do that keeps the attention of each member. These fun sports can be a way for a family to stay close while participating in activities together.

There are several sports and activities that can be fun for the whole family during spring including boating, biking, fishing, camping and surfing. During the colder months, families can make the winter fly by through skiing and snowboarding. No matter what time of the year, there are options for families and individuals to stay both active and entertained.

In summer and spring months, there are several options for families to keep themselves entertained outdoors. These activities can also keep kids and adults active during warm seasons. student jobs is a great option for young people looking to spend their summer months outdoors, enjoying each other's company and a nice warm campfire. Camping can be a great way for adults and kids to spend time together and can actually include other activities to keep the family playing together and staying active. Many campgrounds even offer the opportunity to fish, bike, and swim right on site. If camping in the right area, families and individuals might even be able to find places to surf or take a boat out on the water. (more...)

Boats with Sails

In this day and age when everyone wants to travel faster and faster there is a perverse joy in travelling slowly, on the water, controlling a sail and a rudder, and not having to worry about when you will arrive. Sailing is a bit like golf or skiing, in that it is rather difficult to explain the nature of the pleasure it gives. You just have to experience it first hand to understand.

There are many types of sailing boats and brands of boatmakers and we each have our favourites, but if possible you should visit an established firm if thinking of purchasing a boat. A yacht doesn't need to be big to be fun. Indeeed the most fun and the way to feel really involved is to go for a small craft. If you're thinking of buying your own boat you could look at Berthon Yachts for Sale for quality craft at sensible prices.

Berthons are a family business based in Lymington on the south coast of England and can offer advice and a very professional brokerage service. Lymington is a picturesque small Georgian town, and the marina has deep berths to accomodate quite large boats, and from here you can sail out straght on to the Solent. (more...)

Essential first aid products for the athletes

First aid basically refers to various products and medications that is provided to an injured to immediately attend to his injury while the doctor is contacted and arrangements are made to take the injured person to the doctor. When it comes to sports, it has to be understood that there are some games where the players are prone to a lot of injuries. Sports like football, rugby, cricket, etc are among those sports wherein the players often stand a chance of getting minor or major injuries. This is the reason why it is extremely important that a sportsperson always carries the basic safety gear and first aid products along with his sports products and equipment when he goes out to play.

The sports first aid products specifically focus on the sports related injuries. It has been largely observed that most sportsmen have injuries on account of lack of proper muscle support during play. Hence, in order to prevent such potential injuries; more and more athletes are today considering the use of sports tape. This sports tape is a prominent sports first aid product which is typically deigned to offer added support to the muscles and tendons of the sportsperson.

There are various types of sports tapes and strapping available that serve different purposes. The Kinesiology tape, for example, is used by sportsmen who are recovering or rehabilitating from a past injury. The tape helps improve blood flow, reduce inflammation and relieves pain. The Zinc Oxide sports tape on the other hand is used for immobilization of the muscle joints. There are other types of sports tapes available too depending upon the purpose you want them for. (more...)

A Wide Ranging Holiday Guide To Fuerteventura

Fuerteventura offers the adventurous experiences of sailing, windsurfing, kite surfing, scuba diving, snorkelling, fishing and many more water activities that makes it a paradise for all sport lovers. It hosts the world's wind speed surfing competition in the month of August at Sotovento in Costa Calma. Another attraction is the annual kite-flying championship held in the month of November in Corralejo and a long week carnival celebration all over the island during the months of February and March every year.

If you got your holiday in Fuerteventura at Travel Monster then be assured to select from a wide range of holidays based on your budget and personal preferences. The island is full of hotels, villas, self catering apartments, bars and restaurants. You could stay in a private villa or all inclusive resort to save yourself from worrying about anything else than having fun. Self-catering apartments are the best solutions for the travellers with a tight budget.

Fuerteventura boasts itself to be the second largest Canary islands offering a memorable holidaying experience for everyone. It offers turquoise water and more than 150 different types of beaches including soft white sandy beaches, pebble beaches and black volcanic sandy beaches. Blue lagoons and soft white sands of El Cotillo are quite famous amongst the fans of kitesurfers and windsurfers. Jandia beaches are popular for scuba diving, resort of Corralejo and Caleta De Fuste are famous naturist-free beaches. Costa Calma could be your destination, if you are looking for a nudist beach and the best part is that all the beaches are free. (more...)

Finding the Best Sportswear

If you are a sports enthusiast and are involved in a lot of games as well as training, finding the right clothing remains a must. You won’t want to play football in a jeans and shirt if you love the game and want to play it properly. Similarly, you won’t want to go to a ring for boxing with heavy apparel that makes throwing punches and moving around extremely difficult. It is for this reason that there are a number of sportswear stores available which offer appropriate clothing according to the sports you are involved in. One such website where you can get all types of sportswear with consummate ease is .

From calf guards to base layers and from shock absorbing bras to running socks, you won’t want to miss out on anything that can help you improve your overall game. Calf guards can really help you when you play contact sports like rugby or football while base layers can be helpful when you train for any given sports. Shock absorbing bras for female contact sports remain a good option while running socks offer you the comfort needed in sports that require a lot of running. Such sportswear and more can be found at

An important thing that you must look out in any sportswear website that sells sportswear of different brands and of different types is the terms and conditions of the website. A good website would offer free shipping and delivery, would offer a money back guarantee, have a return policy, promise quick delivery within a day or two and offer secure payment options. (more...)

Northumberland Outdoor Activities

Northumberland is one of those places where nature has remained relatively undisturbed by mankind and the countryside is still more green than concrete-coloured, with rolling hills and beautiful terrain that makes it ideal for sight-seeing as well as many outdoor pursuits like hiking, hang-gliding, clay pigeon shooting, airplane flying and gliding, water-skiing, paintballing, ballooning and quad biking to name just a few. You could also, if you’re fit enough, have a go at the latest craze called coasteering where you travel the coastline on foot in an unconventional way avoiding pathways but instead climbing, swimming, jumping into the sea and scrambling over rocks. This is great fun in a group but beware of injuries! Alternatively you can enjoy kite surfing or kayaking, whilst inland there is the famous Kielder Water and Park which is a fantastic large artificial lake, ideal for sailing or water- skiing.

For those looking for a fun stag weekend Newcastle is a great venue. It is a place where young people can have fun during the daytime with some of the outdoor activities described, and of an evening in hotels, bars, and clubs across the town, and you can click here for more information.

There are also slightly more sedate ways of spending your time here in Northumberland, taking advantage of the excellent fishing in rivers and lakes, playing golf, or taking leisurely cycle rides across open country. The golf courses are a challenge to play but take in magnificent scenery which is a treat in itself, and some are actually on the coast like Dunstanburgh Castle Golf Course and Newbiggin-by-the-Sea where there is a wonderful beach to relax on after your game. (more...)